Self Care On A Budget For Busy Moms

self care quotes

If you’re a busy Mom who needs some self care ideas on a budget so that you don’t lose the plot, you’ve come to the right place!

Self care to me, means deserved selfishness. It means taking a moment out of your day or week or month, and putting your needs above everyone else in the family’s. Self care is doing something for yourself that brings you joy and helps you to feel taken care of. Self care is love. It’s self love!

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Lombok/ Travel

Things To Do In Lombok With (or without) Kids

Things to do in Lombok

Although we spent some time in Senggigi and Desert Point, Kuta was by far our favourite part of Lombok. It’s the kind of place we want to go back to every year! This list of our favourite things to do in Lombok is aimed at tourists staying in the Kuta area.

It’s worth noting that we had our own scooter the entire time we were in Lombok. I feel you can enjoy the place best if you do. The roads are quiet (SO much more so than in Bali!), which makes it a lot less scary if you are inexperienced.

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Bali/ Travel

The Best Waterfalls Near Ubud, Bali

A trip to Bali is not complete without visiting the middle of the island where all the beautiful jungle, rice terraces and waterfalls are. Ubud is a great base for seeing this side of Bali. We did our own half day trips to the best waterfalls near Ubud when we were staying there.

There is just as much magic in the jungle as there is in on the beautiful beaches, especially if you love an adventure like we do!

You can drive yourself on a scooter using google maps or you can hire a driver or book yourself a tour.

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20 Road Trip Car Games For Kids

Road trip games for kids.

We are currently on a family holiday that involved a 12 hour road trip! We did it over two days, but it was still a mammoth! Only because we have 2 young boys. Yes, boys! Those energetic little creatures who don’t like to sit still for very long! Them boys of ours did great though. Lots of snacks, a couple movies and most of these simple road trip games for kids, did the job! #triedandtested

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